Allie.Chat RSS Routing Solution

Allie.Chat is an RSS Routing Application that allows users to create bots for a variety of RSS providers. Currently, Allie.Chat suppots Discord, Twitch, Websocket, and Tcp connections. Users can create streams that have inbound and outbound routes any created bot, and messages can be received or sent to other bots.

Allie.Chat also supports currencies. Application Users can create a Currency that is rewarded over time specified for custom status the User creates. For example, a currency named 'Pixels' could accrue 5 pixels per hour for Active users, 3 pixels per hour for Inactive users, and 1 pixel per hour for Lurkers. Allie.Chat also polls for the Users currently online in a stream or server and rewards currency as specified. Additionally, the Application User can create a transaction to either reward or spend accrued currencies for user currencies they own. Currently, this transaction can be created with the externally exposed WebAPI at https://api.allie.chat/swagger.

Allie.Chat supports commands. Application User can create Command Sets that contain a number of different Command. Each command set includes a prefix for registering a command, for example, the prefix for a new Command Set could be '!'. Next, commands are registered to the command set, for example, currency. The command in this case would activate when a User entered the command '!currency'. Each command registered to a command set can have a number of command replies registered to it. When the command is triggered, one of the command replies is randomly selected and sent to the stream. Commands can also be created programically using the included nuget packages for Allie.Chat.