Message Simplifed

  • Create bots and recieve messages from multiple providers
  • Route outbound messages to desired providers
  • Create Streams that aggregate your incoming messages
  • New providers added regularly

Currency System

  • Create Currencies that the Users online in your Streams accrue over time
  • Currency accrual rate is based upon custom Status that you create and customize
  • Use our WebAPI or SDK and create currency transactions for your Users to Reward and Spend Currency on your own projects

Commands System

  • Create Command Sets to hold a number of Commands to reply or have an action when a message is received matching the pattern
  • Each Command has a number of Command Replies that will be randomly selected respond to an outbound Stream
  • Custom Command Replies and Actions can be created using the Allie.Chat .NET package

Developer Docs

  • An Identity Provider
  • Extensive WebAPI
  • Public Git
  • Published Nuget Packages
  • Supports Tcp and Websockets